SandStory Therapy®

SandStory Therapy® is a type of therapy that uses sand and other small objects (symbols) to create a visual representation of a person’s thoughts, emotions, and experiences. In this type of therapy, the individual is given a tray filled with sand and a variety of symbols to choose from, such as small figures, shells, or stones and anything that can represent a small world.  These symbols can be used to create a story in the sand.

The SandStory therapist guides the individual in the process of creating a story or a scene in the sand, which can help them express their innermost thoughts and emotions. Giving a window for their unconscious to arise and things that are often difficult to put words to can have space to be shared.

The benefits of SandStory therapy include:

  1. Increased self-awareness: SandStory therapy can help individuals identify and express their thoughts, emotions, and experiences in a visual and creative way. This can lead to a greater understanding of oneself and one’s life experiences.
  2. Reduced stress and anxiety: Engaging in creative activities like SandStory therapy can promote relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety. Creating a scene in the sand can also provide a sense of control and help individuals process difficult emotions.
  3. Improved communication: SandStory therapy can help individuals communicate their thoughts and emotions in a non-verbal way, which can be particularly helpful for those who have difficulty expressing themselves verbally.
  4. Increased problem-solving skills: Creating a story or scene in the sand can help individuals identify and explore how change might be possible and play with different solutions to challenges they might be facing.
  5. Enhanced creativity: SandStory therapy can stimulate creativity and imagination, leading to improved self-expression and a greater sense of personal fulfilment.

SandStory Therapy® is a gentle and safe way to explore  the parts of ourselves that aren’t easily access through more traditional talking therapies. The idea is not for the SandStory Therapist to interpret or direct the client’s process, but to hold around the edges so the client can make their own meaning and integrate their own deeper understanding of themselves.

Training to use SandStory Therapy® with you Clients

  • Would like to learn how to integrate this powerful tool into your practice?
  • Perhaps you have some sand therapy experience but have often been left wanting more sense of how to structure a session?
  • Maybe you are new to sand and want to work on a deep creative level with your clients? 


This 2-day experiential workshop is the core training in SandStory Therapy® and successful completion leads to participants becoming a ‘Registered SandStory Therapist’

Over the 2 days you will have an opportunity to come in-person and get your hands into the sand, learning hands on how to use this innovative and cutting edge approach with your clients whether they are 8 or 80 years old.

SandStory Therapy® helps clients work deeply and safely with all aspects of their life. The benefits of all sand therapy are vast and SandStory Therapy® invites the therapist to work within a 5 stage model to help you feel confident and competent in this magical medium.

This training is well suited to therapists and counsellors (qualified at level 4 and above or very nearly qualified) who have a wide range of client groups. From young children to adults and also couples and groups. 

The focus of this training is for use with individual clients regardless of age. however the ideas can be adapted for multiple clients. Over the course you will have opportunities for whole group discussion and teaching, small group work and skills practice on both days. 

Early booking is strongly encouraged as places are limited to 6 people per training and spaces fill up fast.

This training is run in-person in London. If this location doesn’t suit you please click here to see what other SandStory training is being offer across the country by my wonderful colleagues.  

Our Beautiful Training Space at The SandStory Centre London

About Shana

I found a deep love of using sand the therapeutically when I was studying to be a child and young person’s therapist. I found the most profound shifts happened for my clients using this creative tool. I expanded this when working with adult clients too and equally noticed the powerful impact it had when clients were feeling stuck and hopeless. 

I was originally trained with mix of sand therapies and often felt I was seek more of a  firm container for the work.

When I found Lara who is the creator of all things SandStory Therapy® I felt like it all fell into place.

I first trained in the SandStory approach myself and the 5 stage model suited my style so well. SandStory Therapy® quickly began to be a core tool in my therapy practice.

Having such a strong passion for SandStory Therapy® and with a background in training therapist in other topics, it felt like a perfect fit to offer this training to others myself. I completed the trainers programme with Lara and absolutely love supporting other therapists as they fall in love with SandStory too. 

I teach the Level 1 training 3 times a year at The SandStory Centre in London alongside delivering other courses and running a private practice in North London where I see young children and young people, adults and relationship clients/couples. 

Feel free to get in touch as [email protected] or give me a call on 07774641890  to talk more about the possibility of training with me. 

I am also offer specialise supervision in using SandStory with your clients for those who have already qualified in SandStory Therapy 

Previous SandStory Therapy® participants say...

The SandStory Therapy training helped me to reflect on my current practice and deepen my understanding of the power of using symbols and sand with clients. The setting for the training was superb and added to the positive energy I experienced during and after the training sessions.
Child Therapist
I was able to use the sandstory training just days after the training which was wonderful and this was because the course gave me the confidence to..
Adult Therapist
A rich two day exploration of how working with sand can support and expand my practice, being able to experience the power of sandstory myself was most enlightening.
Psychosexual Therapist

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